The Visually Integrated Business Environment brings industry leading solutions ServicePoint, MinePoint and SalesPoint wrapped around the best General Ledger system in the marketplace to give you the right tools to run your dealership.

A Successful Transition & Launch

We recognize that even the best technologies and systems are ineffective if employees aren’t using them. Making a DMS change is certainly a time to plan properly to be fully prepared. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition that follows a thorough, clear and predictable course.

Our transition team will start with a Gap Analysis with your internal project manager and key players in each department. You’ve already decided your current DMS will not meet the needs of your dealership going forward, but what are the differences with VIBE? We’ll make sure you understand them and how those processes are enhanced and improved by VIBE.

Our dedicated training staff will conduct focused, customizable on-line training sessions with your staff from high- level overviews to detailed discussions of daily operations. We maintain and continually update a video library of over (150) short (3) minute tutorial videos that give your users self-paced, focused learning events. Each of these sessions is formatted for particular roles in your dealership ensuring that all facets of your operations are familiar with the software. Our tutorials and instructional videos give the individual users the flexibility to explore the so ware in a test environment on their own time and come back to the on-line sessions with additional questions. For your benefit and ours, we provide your project manager usage summaries and individual progress assessments from our test site to determine staff readiness. No one wants to go live when someone needs additional training.

Go-live can be a stressful time. We provide on-site staffing and work shoulder to shoulder with your employees. Our expert mentors will be there to ensure we have the confidence of the end users, and that they are up and running, smoothly.

Post Installation follow-up and support are critical to maintaining the momentum of a successful VIBE implementation. Your staff can be assured that when they reach out to us, someone will be there to answer questions. Our Support Staff are there with focused post go-live support. Our no charge support system is there for you at every step of the way.