The Visually Integrated Business Environment brings industry leading solutions ServicePoint, MinePoint and SalesPoint wrapped around the best General Ledger system in the marketplace to give you the right tools to run your dealership.


When we first paneled the Parts Managers that helped us build our Parts Module, we quickly learned how important it was to sell and service trucks in order to sell parts.   We learned the true definition of Obsolescence, and how important flexible pricing is in order to obtain 27% margin on Parts Sales.   We focused on the details, and learned Cores are “an opportunity to lose money.”  

To make VIBE the best Parts System in the marketplace, we focused on (30) key features that weren’t in most business systems, today.  We built our Core Module to be easy to age Cores by Customer or by OEM.  We allow aging of Customer Cores to be less than OEM return policies.  We integrated our RMA and Core Module tightly with Parts Inventory to ensure that transactions can be aged and managed easily.  RMA’s and Cores are integrated into Accounts Receivable, so payments can be adjusted to OEM’s if Core or RMA credits need to be taken when paying for inventory.

We were surprised to find that most DMS’ only allow you to cost inventory as Average Cost.  We built VIBE to support Average Cost, Standard Cost, LIFO, or FIFO.  We allow valuation at one setting and costing at another if that’s the way you want to run the business.  It took us longer and cost more, but it was the right way to develop the system.   No double receipting of Inventory has to occur, as PO receipting parts post directly to Inventory.  Our Consignment module is a true consignment system.  No open pick tickets needed, and you can update pricing on consigned inventory just like normal Parts Inventory. 

Pick Tickets and Quotes can be emailed to a customer with a click of a button.  Invoices have links to see exactly how a part posted to the GL.  Drill through analysis from the GL to the Invoice or from the Invoice to the GL is fully supported.  

Our Back Counter solution is integrated with Service for email alerting and aging of fulfillment.  We support the most robust EDI and MDI OEM systems.  Overrides and Customer Balances are easily accessed and managed.  Our Pick Tickets look like the document that prints on the printer, so learning our parts system happens in days not weeks.  

We have spent a considerable amount of time making the Parts Module one of the real benefits of the system.  We are confident you’ll find it meets and exceeds your expectations.