The Visually Integrated Business Environment brings industry leading solutions ServicePoint, MinePoint and SalesPoint wrapped around the best General Ledger system in the marketplace to give you the right tools to run your dealership.

SERVICEPOINT – The Leader In Service Dispatch & Scheduling Software

Tightly integrated into VIBE is the industry’s finest service management system powered by ServicePoint. From new repair order creation to repair order close, VIBE allows your service personnel to manage the entire service event with ease, without the need of a bolt on application.

In today’s world, quick and accurate communication with your customers is the key to delivering an exceptional service experience. ServicePoint enables you to easily monitor repair orders and quickly communicate to customers the information in intuitive and easy to use views. In simplest terms, your customers will know what you know, when you know it. Through email, text messaging or a web portal view, your service department will be able to communicate directly to your customers from within VIBE. Your customers are also able to communicate directly back to your service personnel through the same methods and the communication will now be visible to your entire dealership and stored with the repair order for any future needs.

The Technician Timeclock gives your technicians the ability to view their currently assigned jobs, the repair history of the Unit they are working on and the ability to order parts without ever leaving the bay. Additionally, technicians can see enhanced statuses, like “Waiter”, ensuring that any additional work will be addressed with the customer. Your Repair Shop Efficiencies and Productivity are quickly enhanced through the use of ServicePoint. Whiteboards and desk pads will become a thing of the past. With VIBE, the status of your service department will be visible within your organization in views like you have never seen before.


  • Effective Scheduling of Appointments and Shift Management
  • Built In Survey Tool
  • Parts Ordering from the Technician Bay
  • Display Views for Technicians and Customers Waiting
  • Monitor Repair Orders in any Status
  • Email Capability Within VIBE Directly to Customers
  • All Shop and Technician Activity in a Single View
  • Assign Technicians to Operations and SRT’s with a Single Click