The Visually Integrated Business Environment brings industry leading solutions ServicePoint, MinePoint and SalesPoint wrapped around the best General Ledger system in the marketplace to give you the right tools to run your dealership.

Being Strategic With Your DMS Partner

DP Solutions, Inc. is proud to be a family business. My father Sid Love started the company in 1988 after 20 years as a Systems Engineer at IBM, and I am proud to continue his legacy running the business. My dad retired in 1997, and is enjoying flying the “experimental” RV6 plane he built with hardly any help. Retirement has been about flying, family, and friends.

DPS has (50) employees in Lufkin, Texas, and we maintain remote offices in Guangzhou, China, and Sydney, Australia. We have a (5) to (1) Technical to Marketing staff ratio. We entered the Trucking Business in 2001 with our MinePoint Executive Dashboard Data Mining Solution. We had been working exclusively in Healthcare, and soon found that Truck Dealerships also had difficulties “getting data out of the system.” We soon turned our business model towards Heavy Duty Trucking, and in 2003 we developed ServicePoint our Service and Technician Management system. We found most dealerships managing their technicians and customer communication process with “a big chief paper tablet and pencil.” We developed ScanPoint for Document Management and Archiving in 2007, and introduced SalesPoint our Customer Relationship Management and Truck Quoting System in 2010. We added a robust Lease Fleet and Rental solution in 2011.

In 2011, we had a business decision to make. Do we continue to build satellite solutions “around” the Dealership Management Systems in the market, today? Or, do we make a bold move and build our own DMS? In that you are reading this brochure, I assume you know the answer. We started VIBE (Visually Integrated Business Environment) with one vision: we wanted to Redefine Dealership Management. We acquired a company that had developed a fantastic Financial System based on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 Platform. We then set about the task of customizing VIBE to Heavy Duty Trucking, and integrating our award winning products MinePoint, ServicePoint, SalesPoint, ScanPoint into one integrated product. VIBE.

Today, VIBE is the DMS of choice for 2014’s Dealer of the Year, Kenworth Sales Company. One vendor, one solution. No bolt on or plug in’s needed to run your business. We partnered with Kyle Treadway’s group to build the best system in the industry. Today, Kenworth Sales, has over 800 concurrent users and (20) Heavy Duty Truck Dealerships all operating on a single server, running on the VIBE Dealership Platform. On a daily basis, Kenworth Sales creates over 3,000 pick tickets and processes over a million dollars of transactions through VIBE. We are a highly transactional, easy to learn, intuitive system, and we can support and transform your business, too.

VIBE leverages the power of today’s technology. Whether you like Apple or Android, the iPhone radically changed the telecommunications industry in 2007. I bet you are not using a flip phone. When is the last me your current DMS vendor upgraded the functionality or technology in their System? VIBE is a web based, access anywhere solution developed with the very best and latest programming and development toolsets. If you are looking for a company that has taken a different approach to Dealership Management, we’d love to show you VIBE. We think you’ll like what you see. We’d like to earn your business.

Bruce Love President
DP Solutions, Inc.