The Visually Integrated Business Environment brings industry leading solutions ServicePoint, MinePoint and SalesPoint wrapped around the best General Ledger system in the marketplace to give you the right tools to run your dealership.

MINEPOINT – Business Intelligence, Dashboards, Data Mining & Analysis

How comfortable are you with reporting and finding data in your Business System? Who are your top-ten most profitable customers? Which ones haven’t ordered from you this month, this quarter or this year? With Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence powered by the Award Winning MinePoint Software, these answers can be found in minutes. By combining real-time data from your accounting transactions with the power of MinePoint Business Intelligence Suite, your management team will have instant, actionable data to make crucial business decisions. Track, understand and manage your en re dealership operations better than ever before. MinePoint Financials includes more than 150 reports to get you started and with just a few clicks, you can create powerful reports on your own with no programming or IT experience required.

MinePoint is recognized as the industry’s best business analytics tool for querying, reporting and identifying data trends. We provide a complete foundation for data analysis and decision making within a single, integrated application. You’re not a programmer? It’s not a problem. With Drag and Drop, Point and Click data selection combined with customizable reports users can easily perform complex calculations and drill down from summary level to the detail of the information. The power, flexibility and ease of MinePoint Financials meets the full spectrum of requirements for interactive, real-time, business intelligence.


  • Instant Access To Critical Data
  • Executive Management Alerts
  • Customizable, Color Coded Dashboards
  • Automatically Email Alerts and Management Reports
  • Easily Consolidate Key Metrics and Performance Indicators
  • Powerful Data Mining and Archiving for Historical Trends and Analysis
  • Automate Workflows
  • Easily Export Data in Several Formats