ServicePoint allows you to mine and easily view critical data in your Dealership Management System.  ServicePoint delivers a complete, detailed, and up to date picture of your Service Department, by location and department.

With ServicePoint, manual processes are eliminated.  We create an automated Electronic Dashboard for your Service Department ti deliver better actionable data, in real time.

Key financial and performance indicators can easily be managed, reported, and analyzed like never before.  Whether there are strategic decisions to be made or you’re trying to drive more profit in your department, ServicePoint business intelligence provides the data and reporting you need.

Can you really afford to sniff around, track down, and piece together critical information about your service industry?  With ServicePoint, you can improve efficiency among all service scheduling and dispatch departments:

  • Easily view repair orders (RO’s) in a color-coded dashboard with live data, as it’s happening.
  • Track technicians as they punch in and out of an RO’s.
  • Track technicians that are on your payroll, but not clocked into an RO.
  • Track customers that go on Credit Hold while a truck is being serviced to turn the ticket into “cash only”, prior to the vehicle leaving your facility.
  • Track RO’s that are over a certain amount of hours.
  • Trend with jobs that are the most efficient and profitable.
  • Trend balanced by efficiency in Average Days to Close and RO’s.
  • With a click of a button, view which RO’s are 80% complete of their Estimated Time to know which technicians are about to become available.
  • Easily spot trouble RO’s that are over their Estimated Time.
  • Compare and Trend billable hours versus actual hours for bonus and commission incentives.

No expensive Servers needed.  No costly consulting engagements.  No waiting weeks and months to get a return on your investment.  In just one week, ServicePoint can deliver you an effective Service Dispatch and Scheduling application that keeps your data organized, informative, and up to date.