MinePoint: Transform

The intuitive, web-based interface of MinePoint gives users the ability to transform data into decisions. Drag and drop, point and click. Your team has the tools.

Data Cubes

MinePoint's powerful data cube technology gives users the ability to manipulate data without the need for IT programmers to change reports, add fields, or calculate complicated formulas. With built in functionality to pivot, slice and dice data and even add or remove fields, your users will transform raw data into insightful analytics. Our Data Cubes easily handle millions of rows of records, quickly and efficiently. It's easy to spot a trend with scenario based color-coding of cells. By setting your own parameters; rows, columns and even cells can highlight important items in your data. MinePoint also has built in several formulas to allow users to quickly add new calculations like time of the day, day of the week or day of the month, all without the need of a programming background or calls and messages to the IT department.

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Charts & Graphs

Big Data isn't useful if it takes too long to decipher. MinePoint's industry leading charting and graphing helps your team break down large sets of data into meaningful views that are quickly and easily analyzed. And, best of all, you don't have to be a mathematics expert to create stunning visuals. With just a click, MinePoint's vast array of charts are graphs transform your data sets to help you uncover new patterns and insights. Select the correct view from the hundreds of charts available and determine what's happening with your underlying data.

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Executive Dashboards

Big Data isn't only about data, it's about what you do with it. Collecting the data can't be your end game. It's how you use the information you glean from the data to improve your processes and decision making. With MinePoint's Executive Views and Dashboards for your organizations key personnel, data from multiple, disparate sources can be trended and analyzed quickly and easily with just a glance. Need a more in-depth review of a data point? Simply click into the panel and your working with our powerful Data Cube or reviewing a chart up close. MinePoint moves you away from spreadsheets and printed documents to Business Intelligence Transformation.

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Other MinePoint features