MinePoint: Collaborate

The Internet of "things" becomes a reality. MinePoint's fully web based Cubes and Dashboards turn your end users into a team of empowered Analysts.

Document Routing

MinePoint's Workflow Engine allows you to intercept documents, strip and mine data, add analysis and route the end product to one or more recipients or destinations based upon the underlying content of the data. MinePoint can even eliminate costly pre-printed forms and easily convert them to inexpensive laser printer output.

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Tech Schedule

With it's intuitive Data Engine, MinePoint has the unique ability to monitor your Key Performance Indicators. By analyzing your data in real time based upon preset conditions, MinePoint can provide user notifications - through email, dashboard alerts, even text messaging - to your management team so they aren't spending time waiting at the printer or tracking down personnel for answers. They'll have the information they need when it happens to make the critical business decisions essential to your business' success.

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Data Warehouse

MinePoint's ability to gather data from any source, whether it's structured or unstructured, makes it uniquely suited to building a Data Warehouse. MinePoint delivers a scalable and optimized solution where users can then access and analyze that data to assess your organizations processes and Key Performance Indicators.

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Other MinePoint features