MinePoint: Connect

MinePoint was designed to provide a single, easy to use solution for intelligent data analysis capabilities by gathering data from multiple, disparate systems and bringing them together for analysis.


MinePoint connects to any OLE DB or ODBC compliant database including; SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Access and many others. But MinePoint isn't limited to just database connections. This powerful software also gives you the flexibility to gather data from emails, FTP and web sites, as well as the ability to monitor file folders. With the virtual printer function, MinePoint is able to capture printed output from any system and turn those reports into data. Simply put, MinePoint sources your all your data regardless of where it resides.

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Data output with MinePoint is as varied as the data input. Multiple visualizations, including Executive Dashboards, Charts, Graphs and Data Cubes give users a powerful data analysis tool to drive deeper, informed business decisions. With it's secure web based interface, your team is connected, from anywhere, with any device. The Internet of Things becomes reality. Combined with it's powerful engine, MinePoint provides the ability to alert your organization to changing conditions, as they occur, and to route those alerts to those who need them most, when they need them the most.

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Structured and unstructured data is automatically collected from it's source, enriched with data from other systems, and converted into any number of outputs; from storage in a data warehouse, to our Data Cubes, Charts, Graphs, Maps or spreadsheets for trending analysis. MinePoint's versatility allows it to perform these tasks without user interaction. There is no more running reports, finding the information, rekeying data into forms. MinePoint does this automatically and it does without a costly consulting engagement.

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