SalesPoint: Smarter & Faster Sales

No matter where your sales reps are working from; the field, the office, or their email inbox, SalesPoint gives them the tools to grow accounts, find new customers and close deals faster.

Quoting from SalesPoint

What used to take hours of rekeying data, filling out spreadsheets, updating equipment lists, or typing into forms is now accomplished in just minutes. SalesPoint's powerful Quoting module quickly and accurately calculates all fees and taxes, prices add-ons, and extended warranties, no matter how complicated the deal. Options added to the vehicle are captured during their work and automatically added to the vehicle's cost, so your sales reps spend less time tracking down service orders and more time working with their customer. When any value changes, the taxes and fees are automatically changed, without having to rely on a calculator. Salesmen no longer have to type in VIN numbers since those are carried over from Inventory. Once the quote is complete, SalesPoint will alert the Sales Manager that a deal needs approval automatically and the quote is highlighted yellow. Once the manager approves the deal, an alert is sent back to the sales rep and the quote is now highlighted with green on the Quote page.

SalesPoint's Quote page allows you to quote multiple units at a time. Does the customer have a trade in? It's no problem. SalesPoint will create an appraisal from within the page and update the quote accordingly. If the customer needs Financing and Insurance, SalesPoint's powerful F&I tools make the process seamless. Integration with most major credit lenders, including OEM's, means that the correct forms are completed from information in the quote and sent to the credit bureaus electronically. Insurance quoting is straightforward as well. By filling out just a few fields, the process is easily completed in a few minutes.

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The Sales Pipeline is critical to your team's success. Knowing what deals are nearing the closing stage and where to focus on opportunities slipping through the cracks is important in today's fast paced environment. SalesPoint's powerful Forecasting module gives sales reps a complete view of their pipeline, with Last Touch, Last Activity and the Latest Comment on the main view, you'll always know how the deal is progressing. Rapid updates are easily made to help with decisions and contact activity is automatically tracked. Need to send an email? With SalesPoint's Outlook integration, one click and a new email form opens. Do you need to see the history of the Contact or the Company? It's only a click away as well. Color alerting on outbound and inbound activity ensures that it's easy to identify who needs to be contacted and ensure the deal is moving forward.

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SalesPoint's To-Do's Dashboard gives the sales rep a list of open items. Whether the next touch is a demo, an email, a phone call or a meeting, SalesPoint tracks the activity and gives your team a concise view of their day. Open tasks roll forward if they aren't complete to ensure that they are not missed. Closed items roll off the list, but are easily recalled with a search or by using the quick filter. All related activity for the contact is easily viewed with just a click of a button, giving the sales rep historical emails, notes phone calls.


Creating an expense report can be a time consuming task, and especially so when the expenses are billable. With SalesPoint's Expense module, that task is simplified and kept with the contact. Manager approval is easily completed in one area and any additional information is readily available. Once the Expense report is complete, the sales rep simply clicks "Save" which alerts the Manager that there is open request. Upon management review another click approves the expense and emails accounting with the details of the expense report. No more scrambling at the end of the month to find receipts or trying to remember the details by searching back through notes. Everything your team needs is in one place and in just a few minutes the report is ready.

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