SalesPoint: Inventory

SalesPoint gives your team the tools to efficiently manage truck and trailer inventory without the need for rekeying data, tracking down open work orders or waiting for a 3rd party provider.

OEM Integration

SalesPoint works with several OEM interfaces to allow downloading of initial specifications of vehicles. This eliminates the need for rekeying data and removes the potential for errors. Additionally, spec fields are pre-populated with choices, further reducing the chances for incorrect data in your sales inventory. Once the vehicle is in inventory, changes are quickly and easily made.

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Work in Process Charges

When a truck enters your shop for additional equipment or work to be performed, those charges are automatically captured by SalesPoint and added to the cost of the vehicle. Your sales team won't have to spend time chasing down invoices, repair orders or parts pricing to update the vehicle cost. SalesPoint tracks your DMS and updates those charges as they occur. With one click, a salesperson can immediately see what additional costs are associated with the vehicle.

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Website Updates

With SalesPoint's web interface, your truck inventory can now be imported quickly and easily to your public website along with pictures and specs. This reduces your dependence on outside, 3rd party vendors and gives your sales team immediate access to control your webpage content.

Emailing Customers

ServicePoint’s communication form allows for an easy to use email form to expedite communication with your customers. Just like sending an email from your desktop, ServicePoint allows for easy communication and stores all emails within the Repair Order for future needs. You may also create comments that you would like to remain internal within your dealership. For more information, click on the video to see more.

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