SalesPoint: Management

SalesPoint give your Sales Managers access to real time views of their entire sales team's activity; from Forecasts to Call Reports and Quotes to Closing.

Call Reports

With SalesPoint, your Sales Managers now have access to consolidated call reports from their sales teams. Instead of pulling together emails, notes or spreadsheets, your managers can spend their valuable time reviewing what's going on in the pipeline. They can quickly identify problem areas or top performers and take action where necessary. Since the reports analytics are generated automatically, your managers have time to manage the process instead of looking for information. SalesPoint's web based interface allows management to review the sales data and make critical decisions from anywhere.

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Any good business will have a system of Sales Forecasting, it is a critical management strategy. But a forecast won't do your business much good if you're not keeping tabs on it. SalesPoint eases that function by giving managers a single view of their team forecasts with views for updates, changes and notes. By using the consistent process through SalesPoint, management can make the decision based upon information, not hunches and continually refine the individual members forecasts.

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SalesPoint's automated Quoting process has changed the way dealerships are doing business. For the sales rep, a quote can be completed in just minutes vs hours, and an alert and email is sent to the Sales Manager requesting a review. No more shuffling papers from desk to desk. No more endless walks between departments. SalesPoint's automated workflow gives your team, from top to bottom, all the information they need to make decisions on the quote. With Deal Analysis, managers get an instant overview of the entire deal to determine the next steps. Once management approves with just a click of a button, all the paperwork and dealership forms are updated automatically with the correct information and ready to be printed. From quote write up to the customer driving off in the truck, the entire process is automated, quick and seamless.

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Other SalesPoint features