With its printed report capture feature, Minepoint can be used to create an online electronic report warehouse. This feature will eliminate 90% of the paper, labor, and printer cost associated with distributing paper reports. The paper report cycle including printing, bursting, distributing, storing, shredding, and microfiche conversion is avoided. The reports placed in the warehouse are instantly available and can be searched, analyzed, and viewed in multiple formats including web pages, word documents, and spreadsheets.

MinePoint maintains all of your captured information in the electronic report warehouse in the popular “zip” compressed text format. Compression ratios of 10:1 are common. Storage requirements of one Gigabyte of disk space per two million pages of reports is typical. You can easily maintain years of reports in online storage for instant retrieval at extremely low cost.

Users anywhere on your network access the report warehouse utilizing the Report Viewer to display the reports in their original format or to extract data from the reports and transform this information automatically into a Microsoft Word document, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Access database, and other popular formats. Multiple reports can be combined for trending analysis. As an example, consider a 400 page report that prints daily from your system. MinePoint captures and stores that report daily in the report warehouse. A user, interested in trending the information contained in that report for a month, highlights 30 of those daily reports in the Report Viewer, and requests MinePoint to display the information as an Excel pivot table view. MinePoint extracts and combines the data from the reports to produce an Excel spreadsheet containing a pivot table & graph. The entire transaction takes less than 2 minutes to deliver the information contained in 12,000 pages of individual reports ( 30 reports x 400 pages ) to the user’s PC. There is no need to save resulting spreadsheet as it can be recreated at will from the original reports stored in the report warehouse.