MinePoint provides a powerful decision support capability with its ability to merge data across all your platforms. It is not necessary to build a data warehouse to accomplish this task. This data can be trended and tracked over time to provide you a heads up display on the key indicators for your company. View the key statistics through a web browser on a dashboard display which allows you to view the data in a graphical format trended over time.

This chart displays company cost trended over time with the black line indicating daily expenditures in thousands of dollars. The white line is a 30 day moving average which provides a smoother trend of monthly cost over time. In this view, the user is selecting an account name drop down to filter the data. When one of the items on the accounts list is selected, the chart will instantly change to reflect just that account’s cost. Likewise, selecting any other button or combination of buttons across the top allows instant drill down into the cost report to display only those items selected. This provides powerful analysis allowing you to spot troublesome trends as they occur.

The information provided in the display above was captured from a daily printout of cost by department that had previously been printed as greenbar reports. MinePoint can turn ordinary detailed greenbar reports into these live displays quite easily. The data above can be presented on a web site and automatically updated as the reports from which it extracts data are printed out from your computer system.

It is possible with MinePoint to select the 8 or 10 key indicators of your company’s health and provide them in an executive dashboard view where each of the indicators can be presented as a trend chart. Another example is shown below which shows the daily census(number of patients) in a hospital. Notice that the census can be drilled down by facility(this is a multi-hospital system), revenue class of the patient, or nursing station.