MinePoint can intercept documents on their way to a hardcopy printer and reroute them to one or more destinations based on report content. Email, fax, ftp, and other electronic medium can be used to automatically send copies of your documents to other destinations. With MinePoint’s ability to overlay a graphic form over the captured data, it is possible to reroute the information to a laser printer and produce an exact duplicate of documents that previously had been printed on preprinted forms on a line printer. The result is a higher quality document (laser printed) produced at lower cost (copy paper as opposed to preprinted forms). MinePoint can deliver the documents to multiple printers based on alphabetic splits on customer name, dollar amounts contained in the document, or on any other data contained in the document. You save the labor used to sort and deliver these reports to their destinations

MinePoint can optionally attach additional forms to the document captured to create a packet of information. This will eliminate the need to maintain of large stock of preprinted form pads. Let MinePoint create the forms from blank laser stock and produce a packet of documents and forms for you automatically. Eliminate the forms stock room and replace it with our document routing solution. MinePoint can also reduce your use of labels as our render process can place personalized information on the forms as they are created.

The document overlays are produced in MinePoint’s visual report designer. A point and click design process produces high quality forms in a short amount of time. The entire MinePoint suite is integrated with this report design process and it is possible to use this same overlay to produce web pages, PDF files, and screen images for use in other MinePoint solutions.