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DP Solutions, Inc. | MinePoint – Data Mining

Access to information in your enterprise in unlimited because of MinePoint’s ability to join information across different platforms and also include unstructured files and reports. The data engine can connect to SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix, Access, Paradox, Fox Pro, and any other data source that provides an OLE DB or ODBC driver. Additonally, MinePoint can extract data from XML, HTML, ascii delimited, spreadsheets, any flat file format, or any other unstructured electronic file.

Use the MinePoint visual data designer to join data from any number of these data sources together to produce a result. Most of the design process is point and click with little typing required. When extracting data from any of the sources, you can instruct MinePoint to popup a parameter box for the end user to key in information to produce a specific result, such as their department or name. MinePoint will the filter the results to match only those parameters entered. MinePoint offers versatile data transformation tools such as lookup tables, string operators and arithmetic operators to transform the data as it is extracted. Additionally, the MinePoint visual design process produces VBscript behind the scenes that can be accessed and freely modified to produce sophisticated results using the full power of VBscript, COM objects, etc.

When data extraction design is complete, you can turn your attention to the display of the information. MinePoint offers a visual report designer with a full complement of reporting tools that allow subreports, sophisticated data grouping operators, graphical tools, etc to produce reports in html, pdf, tiff, or other format. The reports can be emailed, published to a web site, uploaded to an FTP site, or displayed directly on the user screen. One of the strengths of the product is in its ability to remotely automate and build Microsoft Excel pivot tables and pivot charts on the fly. With these pivot tools, drill down and roll up data analysis of your most detailed data eliminates the dependence on IT staff to produce multiple views on the same data.

When using the MinePoint Report Viewer, you can provide your end users with unprecedented access to adhoc data mining capabilities. The Report Viewer offers access to both warehouse reports and database views of data. The end user navigates a folder structure that contains links to data mining rules. Selecting a rule causes the data engine to extract data from the designated sources and display it directly to the user’s screen. The entire process is entirely transparent to the end user.