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DP Solutions, Inc. | MinePoint – Data Conversion and Migration

When it is time to replace your computer system, you are often at the mercy of the vendor as you extract data from the older system to put into your new system. Vendors often charge exorbitant prices to write custom programs to pull the data from their system and write it to a file for import by your new system. If the data can be printed from your older system, you can use MinePoint to quickly capture it and migrate it to your new system with no vendor involvement. If the new system runs on a 3rd party database such as SQL Server or Oracle, you can push the data directly into the new system. It is also possible to remotely automate a 3rd party terminal emulator program with MinePoint and use screen scraping technology to pull data from legacy computer systems.

If you need to set up a data warehouse to consolidate information across multiple computer platforms, MinePoint is an excellent choice to use as a live feed into this warehouse from each of your platforms. MinePoint acts in this case as a data consolidator and will interface via captured reports, screen scraping, or by direct connections to the system’s database. We offered unparalleled options for connecting to systems and moving data between them.

As an example of the versatility of our data conversion tools, MinePoint is used by a Texas hospital client to pull all self pay patients’ name and SS# from the computer system. This information is converted by MinePoint into a HIPPA X12 270 Medicaid eligibility request document. MinePoint then dials up the Texas Medicaid bulletin board system and uploads the document for processing by Medicaid. MinePoint periodically polls the bulletin board system for results and downloads the X12 271 response when it is ready. The 271 document is then parsed by MinePoint and eligibility information is emailed to hospital business office staff as an Excel spreadsheet. The entire process is fully automated and occurs on a scheduled basis.

Another MinePoint client uses the data conversion features of MinePoint to feed data from a payroll system, financial system, and timekeeping system into a labor productivity tracking system. The end result of the interface is a live feed of staff hours worked, payroll dollars earned, and statistics(work performed) into the productivity system. This allows management to actively monitor productivity of their labor force on a daily basis.