MinePoint is a “bolt-on” enhancement to your current computer systems than can extend their useful life by providing new functionality and merging information across platforms. The MinePoint Software Suite performs like a chameleon to provide a great number of solutions that would normally require you to purchase multiple software packages.

Use our product to capture and electronically store all your paper reports using Report Warehousing. Eliminate paper, printer, and labor while greatly increasing the productivity of your staff. Our software saves and indexes your reports for instant retrieval as desired. Greatly enhance the use of these documents by using our report mining tools to automatically convert them to spreadsheets, trended charts, and graphical reports even if your current computer system can only print standard text reports.

MinePoint can monitor your business and provide Workflow Alerts for events that you want to know about. Look at data tables, emails, printouts, and monitor for a set of conditions that you specify across all these data sources. Use these conditions to trigger an email alert, upload a file with pertinent data to an FTP site, or page an employee to take action.

Merge data from unstructured documents such as emails and spreadsheets with data from database tables using MinePoint’s Data Mining tools to produce information not previously available to you. Use our visual design tools to produce stunning output as web pages, PDF documents, and spreadsheets to build Executive Dashboards. Build an intranet heads up display with the 6 to 8 key indicators of your business. Let MinePoint capture and chart these indicators daily, providing your with a chart of each trended over time.

Eliminate your preprinted forms, the labor and couriers required to deliver them, and use MinePoint’s Document Routing capability instead. MinePoint’s visual forms designer can exactly reproduce your forms, or scan in your preprinted form for instant use. Produce the reports directly to laser printers on blank paper. MinePoint provides an intelligent print processor that can include additional documents, route to one or more destinations, and print, fax, email, etc based on rules you design.

Data migration and conversion tasks are accomplished quickly and effortlessly with MinePoint’s Data Conversion tools. MinePoint accepts a large variety of input formats. Merge data across different information systems and then pump it to an ascii delimited file, database table,etc. MinePoint can run stored procedures and perform other key database tasks, all in an automated fashion. Since MinePoint can capture and process printed reports, we can migrate data that typically is hand keyed or requires you to go to the vendor for custom programming. MinePoint also contains a VBscript processor that can be programmed to automate terminal emulator programs to provide additional capabilities such as screen scraping technology.